MASS AWIS has created a scholarship fund to help offset the cost of membership for individuals suffering from hardship. If awarded, a MASS AWIS Member Scholarship provides financial assistance for qualified unemployed or underemployed individuals seeking Full, Early, or Student memberships. For more information about our membership, click here.

Graduate Students/Post-Doctoral Fellows and those in transition are encouraged to apply.

Read about the success of our Member Scholarship here.

If awarded a scholarship, MASS AWIS will supplement 80% of the National membership*.

In addition to a scholarship, awardees will be given “MASS AWIS Bucks” proportional to the membership level. These “bucks” can be used to pay for MASS AWIS events or mentoring circle fees within our chapter.

* We will do retrospective reimbursement. So if you qualify, please apply to the scholarship even if you have already paid your dues within the past year.

For more information on all membership levels, please see the National AWIS website.

The scholarship committee will be opening the Fall 2022 application cycle on October 30-November 30.
The 2022 FALL MASS AWIS MEMBER SCHOLARSHIP application form can be found below.

Scholarship Levels

Full Early Student
National AWIS Membership Cost $149.00 $59.00 $35.00
MASS AWIS Pays $119.00 $47.00 $28.00
Member Pays $30.00 $12.00 $7.00
MASS AWIS Bucks $40.00 $25.00 $20.00

Application Cycle Dates:

Fall Spring Summer
Accepting Applications Oct 30 – Nov 30 March 25 – April 25 June 1 – Jul 15
MASS AWIS Review Dec 1 – Dec 15 April 25 – May 1 Jul 15 – Jul 25
Scholarship Awarded Dec 15 – Jan 15 May 1 – May 15 Jul 25 – Jul 30