Be a MASS AWIS volunteer!

Volunteering is an opportunity:

To expand your network – meet new and exciting people in diverse backgrounds, make important contacts, expand your career options.

For personal growth – build new skills or refine existing skills, gain leadership experience, learn about teamwork.

To give back to the community – support a cause and make a positive impact.

MASS AWIS welcomes and appreciates any volunteers and has a variety of options available in the following committees. We ask that volunteers be members. While we welcome general volunteer inquiries, we also have specific volunteer positions we are seeking. For specific volunteer position openings, please check out here.

​Interested in volunteering? Please contact the respective committee chairs at the links below.

Volunteering Opportunities

Communications Committee

Manage listserv, website, social media, and external marketing of MASS AWIS events.

Time commitment: ~2-3 hrs/month, varies depending on assignment; a few times a year, more substantial time may be required.

Contact the Communications Chairs

Events Committee

Plan and execute events, typically held monthly. Activities include coordination of speakers, locations, and refreshments, management of registration for the event and interaction with the Communication Committee to market the event.

Time commitment: Twice-yearly meetings. Volunteers are expected to participate in organizing 2-3 events/6 months. For each event there will be a small team event planning by phone and email (~1-3 hrs/week in advance of event).

Contact the Events Chair

Outreach and Engagement Committee

Network at local events, helping recruit new members; host table at MASS AWIS event registration to sign up new members and help explain the benefits of membership; help come up with strategy to increase diversity (field of study, career level, and employment sector) and number of members; help develop handouts for new members; collect and analyze data on membership.

Time commitment: ~3 hrs/month. Shared responsibility for attending internal and external events and periodical phone meetings to discuss strategy.

Contact the Outreach and Engagement Chair

Mentoring Committee

Manage annual mentoring circle program. Activities include mentor and mentee recruitment, application update, circle matching, circle management, resource packet assembling, planning of mentor training events as well as the kick off and end of year celebration events.

Time commitment: May-Sept (2-3 hrs/week); Oct-April (2-3 hrs/month).

Contact the Mentoring Chairs

Scholarship Committee

Manage all MASS AWIS scholarships: Responsible for coming up with scholarship policies and workflows. Activities include soliciting and reviewing applications, awarding scholarships, tracking awardees to ensure they are getting the most of their scholarships.

Time commitment: ~1-2 hours/month but may be more concentrated around application review times.

Contact the Scholarship Chairs

Sponsorship Committee

Cultivates relationships with potential donors to obtain sponsorship in support of MASS AWIS mission and events. Maintains sponsor database and ensures appropriate acknowledgement of donations upon receipt.

Time commitment: ~2-4 hrs/month. Consistent communication with Events and Mentoring Committees.

Contact the Sponsorship Chairs

To download our volunteer opportunities flyer, please click here.