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Professional Growth Series

  • Your Best Self: Authenticity and Self-Promotion
  • Your Authentic Self . . .Tools to Further Fuel Your Success
  • Grant Writing 101
  • Proactive Approaches for Building a Professional Network
  • The Science of Networking and Art of Connection
  • When Making a Lateral Move is a Good Idea….

 Career Development Series

  • Career Transitions: Career Change and Transformation
  • So you want to be an ENTREPRENEUR?
  • Team Leadership – Strategies for Success for You and Your Team
  • Informational Interviews: Get the Inside Scoop on your Future Career
  • The One-Minute Infomercial
  • Ace the Interview
  • Job Search Techniques That Will Get You Employed
  • Write for Results: How to Effectively Communicate Science to Management and Other Diverse Audiences
  • You’re Finished with One Career…So, What’s Next?
  • Strategies and Tactics for Getting Research Grants

Leadership Series

  • Conducting a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) Analysis
  • Technology Transfer – Why It Should Matter to You

Career Transitions Series

  • Smooth Transitions – Top 10 List: Things Scientists ask About Finding an Industry Job
  • Influence 201: Brand Yourself to Get the Results You Want
  • How to be Highly Effective in your Job Search, Especially in a Down Market

Career Pathway Series

  • From the Bench to Events: Experiments through Life
  • From Stents to SNPs: My Not-So-Random Walk from R&D to Commercial
  • A Career in Patent Law – Another Way to use your Science Degree
  • Medical Writing: Away from the Academic Bench and into the Pharmaceutical World
  • Careers Outside of Academia
  • Careers Outside of Academia: Early Career
  • Careers Outside of Academia: Mid-Career
  • A Scientist’s Venture into the Non-Profit World

Project Management Series

  • Effective Decision Making
  • Building Your Research Team
  • Should the Subject Matter Expert be the Project Manager?
  • What is Research Project Management and How is it Different?
  • AIA – Its Impact on Research and Commercialization